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What You Can Do to Help

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Adopt a Pet

Help SAVE A LIFE and adopt a pet from your local Animal Shelter.  Pet owners have been found to LIVE LONGER than non pet owners, and HEAL faster from surgeries and injuries and live a higher quality of life.   The life you save today could help you save your own!  Shelter animals make wonderful pets, most there out of bad luck instead of bad behavior.  Many leave the shelter to go on to lead productive lives being companions, service animals and show animals.  As brilliant as their futures can be, most will lose their lives for simply being homeless.


Can't handle going into a shelter?  We can help there as wellContact us today with your information and we will connect you to an approved rescue to help you find the pet you are looking for.   




Desert Pearl's education program stresses the advantages of having pets in your life.  By sharing our website with your friends and family, you will be joining us in our campaign to promote pet ownership.  Joining our blog to share your stories and wisdom you've garnered over the years will help others with the challenges a pet may create.  Network is easy, simple and takes only seconds.  Don't forget to send a link to our website to your friends and family!   Want to join our blog..... just click here  



It can take an ARMY of people to save even one shelter pet.  If you have a little time to spare, your help would be more appreciated than can be expressed.  All rescues need help with transports, house checks, shelter pulls, vet trips and a wide variety of administrative work.  Larger facilities often need dog walkers and help mantaining kennels.  If you are interested in finding out more, visit our volunteer page.


Saving a shelter dog can be a costly affair.  There are pull fees at the shelter, veterinary care, transports and boarding.  Every dollar received brings another pet closer to getting a second chance at life.  But, there are other things you can do.  TOWELS ARE ALWAYS IN SHORT SUPPLY.  Clean out your cupboards to help save pets.  Collars, leashes, food and water bowls, even paper and pens are always appreciated.  Contact us below with the items you wish to donate.  We will find a rescue in your area who will appreciate your help! .

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