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Here at DPRN, our job isn't over once we find homes.  We pride ourselves in staying involved when needed to help everyone through the adjustment period.  We also want to improve the lives of pets and their people as well as help people having trouble with behavioral issues in the home.


Keep on checking back in for me free information to help make your life easier.  Feel Free to browse one or all of the brochures given below.  All brochures can be accessed for FREE.     If you find them helpful, consider making a small donation to help us cover the cost of producing the material.  



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Solving Behavioral Issues

Common Sense Guide to Housebreaking your Dog.

Whether you are dealing with a puppy or adult dog, this brochure gives you step-by-step instructions to teach your new companion proper elimination habits.



Common Sense Guide To Solving Chewing Problems

Chewing issues are a common problem, especially for younger dogs.  Whether the problem be inside the house, or in the yard, this brochure gives you step-by-step instructions and ideas to solve chewing issues.





Common Sense Guide to Solving Jumping Problems

Whether the problem is jumping on furniture, the counters, or people.  This brochure will teach you how to easily end this annoying problem.




Common Sense Guide to Separation Anxiety

One of the most common problems, yet rarely discussed is the separation anxiety issue.  Much of the damage a dog creates is a result of separation anxiety.  This brochure not only explains the issues, but helps you with treatments designed to lower your dog's anxiety.






When Your Pet Dies

Sadly, our pets do not share our longevity.  The loss of a beloved pet can cause tremendous grief for those left behind.  This brochure explains the grief process and helps readers to understand the process and work to resolve grief.


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