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Great Reading for the Pet Lover

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Canine Counseling


“That’s it!  I can’t take it anymore!”  The dog has torn the house to shreds.  The neighbors complain that he barks all day long and I’m not even going to talk about what he does when he’s in the car!  That’s all I wanted was a pleasant, quiet dog.  But, what did I get ---FRANKENHOUND!!!!!


Fifty there million homes in the United States alone have included a dog as part of their family.  As these two very different species learn to live together, most people will have some sort of problem with their canine companion.  These problems can seem so difficult that even the most caring and patient owner soon finds himself at his wit’s end.  Most problems can be easily solved, if you know what to do.


Finally, help has arrived!  CANINE COUNSELING, The Common Sense Guide to Solving Your Dog’s Problems will give the frustrated dog owner all the tools necessary to get rid of the problems, not the dog.  The reader will learn.


*How to understand why dogs do what they do

*How to communicate effectively with their dog

*How to QUICKLY and EASILY solve those annoying problems.


Section 1 – Understanding our canine companions discusses how to better communicate with our canine companions, canine development and understanding the canine psyche.


Section 2 – Personality Disorders  such as Anti-social personalities, dominance and aggression issues, the ADHD dog, living with a hyperactive dog, PTSD – working with the shy and traumatized dog are covered in detail giving the reader the tools needed to work through the issues


Section 3- Solving Behavioral Problems takes on the more common problems our dogs create including housebreaking, chewing, barking, jumping, digging, inappropriate play, running away and taboo topics.  The reader learns why these problems occur and is given tools to quickly and easily correct these inappropriate behaviors.


Section 4 – Solving Situational Problems discusses problems  new family members, accepting a new pet into the house,riding in the car, accepting a bath,and learning how to safely play in and around a pool, this section gives readers a full understanding of potential problems and the tools needed to correct any that may arise.


CANINE COUNSELING is the complete behavior modification book over 500 pages in length covering many tops not mentioned in other books and will help both the first time and experienced dog owner get through problems.  The problem dog owner will have a place to turn.  The reader will be given in information to solve the problem and at the same time learn more about his canine companion.  The human-canine bond will increase substantially as the dog becomes a happier, well-adjusted pet.


The Journey Beyond


“They took away everything that was important to me. When I found joy in my life despite their efforts, they took my life away from me as well.”


Having lived for 17 years in a severely handicapped body, Joey, the main character in THE JOURNEY BEYOND,shares the difficulties he faced living in a state run facility. While the staff meets his physical needs, his cognitive abilities go unnoticed leaving him frustrated and depressed. A chance encounter with a squirrel scampering on his window ledge leads the young boy down a path of discovery bringing joy and purpose to what he had once considered his wretched life.


Joey is transferred to the hospital after showing symptoms of an illness spreading throughout the facility. A decision is made to, “put the poor boy out of his misery’. Filled with rage for his life being taken from him without his consent, Joey’s soul haunts the earth searching for someone who can hear his story in hopes that he can prevent this heinous crime from happening again. But his screams go unheard. Feeling the sense of being chased, he returns to his squirrel companions who help him accept his death and focus on the new journey ahead.


Releasing all his fears, Joey finds himself enveloped in a sphere of golden light filled with love. He enters a new earth-like environment in his previous body now restored to perfect condition. Much to his relief, he sees no evidence of human kind, but delights in the variety of animal species who share this world.


The wonders of this world are quickly overshadowed by the difficulties he must endure as he finds himself lost and lonely. He must face his own demons as he meets others who are there to recover from difficult life experiences. Joey is mentored by Kenzy, a spirit guide taking canine form, to help him through his healing process which goes beyond his life as a handicapped boy. As he explores past life experiences, Joey comes to understand why he chose to live his life as Joey as well as examining a negative thread within his soul pattern that he can now correct.


Each arrival will bring forth new personal issues that Joey must also resolve. As Joey grows with each task he completes, the book ends with Joey taking the final step toward re-discovery by leaving his comfortable world behind and moving on to the next realm setting up for the sequel, THE NEXT JOURNEY.


This book goes beyond describing Joey’s incredible journey as readers see Joey and his friends overcome their emotional wounds. Most importantly, the book shows how each character learned to focus on the positive elements in life despite adversity.


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