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Every penny we collect goes right to the animals!


Without your support, none of the animals seen in these pictures would have been given their second chance at life.  On average, we spend approximately $10,000 per year to take care of critical care cases that come through our doors and caring for the sanctuary animals.  County licensing has just increased by 50%, not to mention the cost of food and skyrocketing veterinary bills.  We need your help to continue our work.  Even the  smallest amount will help save a life.


When One Life Ends, Help Save Another.


We have created a memorial page to honor our special companions who are no longer with us.  Help yourself through the grief process by donating to Desert Pearl where we will post a picture and eulogy of your departed pet.  We ask for a $25.00 donation which goes directly to the animals. Please note "In Memory" on your gift.  We will send you an email address where you can send your picture and eulogy for posting. For more information concerning our memorial program, contact us here. 


If you have recently lost a pet and are having trouble through the grieving process, we can help



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If you have recently lost a companion and are having trouble through the grieving procees, we can help.

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