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The animals who share our lives are more than pets.  They are our friends, our companions and our family.   They give us unconditional love, joy,  and happiness,  But the way different species think and live can also cause frustration as we try to teach our four-footed companions how to perfectly blend into our world.   Their shorter lifespans often brings us trauma and sadness as we try to understand what we need to do to help our beloved family members.


Animal Voicing's mission is to help build a better relationship with the pets who share our lives through Communication, Behavioral Modification, and Reiki.   Our goal is to help pets and their people from a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Combining both communication and behavioral modification, we can help people understand where the problem lies, and give them the tools they need to solve problems once and for all.   For the competition animal, we can use these same techniques to help improve scores.



By using Reiki Healing Energy, we can help both people and their pets through the frustrations of change, solving behavioral issues, supplying emotional health, and helping the body heal from injury, surgery or illness. Reiki can also give us clues to help us locate medical problems that have not been found through standard veterinary exams.  It  is NOT a replacement for veterinary medicine, but it is a tool to be used for you to give additional information to your veterinarian to help diagnose and treat physical conditions.


The loss of a pet can have profound effects on the human family.  Worse still, we may be forced to make decisions about the welfare of our pet.  Our grief therapy program includes anticipatory grief where we can contact your pet to find our how he feels, what he wants to do and give you special time before the passing is near.  We can also help explain veterinary procedures to help you decide the next step to take.  Through our pet mediumship program, we can re-connect with your beloved pet allowing you know with certain that life continues beyond death and you will continue your relationship with your departed pet in a different way.


The difficulties of daily life often have negative repercussions.  As time goes on, this negativity can attach to us causing tremendous physical and emotional problems.   Our specialist can find these negative energies and safely remove them from people, pets and environments. 



Special Services

All Proceeds from Animal Voicings are donated to DPRN!!


Animal Voicings

Building a Better Relationship with the Animals who share our lives.


About Animal Voicings

"Look into our eyes and see more

than we appear to be."


Our Services:


Animal Communication

Pet Mediumship

Behavioral Modification

(with or without AnimalCommunication)

Reiki Healing Energy


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