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Pets Available for Adoption


If you live in the Southern California and wish to consider adopting one of our pets or wish to learn about fostering...

Hand-raising puppies and kittens can be an arduous and expensive task, often costing hundreds of dollars in medical bills to prepare the pet for a new home.   Please consider a small donation to help us continue to save these little ones who so need our help!

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to view animals needing homes.


Chi/Pug puppies - Adopted together!!!

These two little black girls were sent with their mother and litter to a local high kill shelter.  Unfortunately, all had died but these two before one of our rescue partners was able to intervene.  Currently, these two little girls are doing very well, surviving on our special milk mixture.  They are expected to make a full recovery and go on to live long happy lives.   They will be available for adoption in late August/early September.



Lab Mix Pups  - Adopted!!!

At 10 days old, these two babies were brought to a high-kill shelter, badly undernourished.  In only a few days since their arrival, they are THRIVING.  It is still a little early to tell what their mix will be, but they look just like little lab pups.  One girl is English cream, the other has some apricot markings and will probably end up being light tan in color.  They will be available for adoption in mid September. 


URGENT!!! - Bloodhound at Downey Shelter

We contacted the shelter as soon as we heard about him and were in the process of making arrangements to bring him to DPRN.

A local rescue stepped in and as sad as it is that we will never meet him, the most important thing is that he is SAFE!!!  If you are intersted in adopting this young, beautiful boy, go to

10 Month Chu-weenie - Adopted!

This little guy did nothing wrong.  His owner simply abandoned him.  He's all set and ready to find a new, forever home.  He is tan with black markings, neutered, has had all shots.  He gets along well with other animals and is a very happy, healthy and energetic guy.

Hand-raised kittens - Adopted

We have three more kittens that will soon be ready for adoption.  They were turned into the local shelter for euthanasia with no "mom"

to take care of them.  Currently six weeks of age, they are getting their first set of shots today, have started eating solid food and should be ready for spay/neuter in about two weeks.

Diluted tortie  (grey/peach), female

Pretty grey tiger

White with grey spots

All kittens now adopted!!!

Hand-raised kittens looking for homes

They're not ready yet, but we have six kittens who will soon be needing loving homes.  They were brought in to a local shelter where they were slated for euthanasia due to their young age.   They are doing great, but still need a couple of weeks to grow before being ready to begin a new adventure.  Here are the details.  Pictures to follow.


1)  Orange Tabby with white markings.  He is nine weeks of age, the only surviving member of his litter, but still a little on the small side.  He needs a week or two to grow before he is safe to undergo anesthesia for neutering.  He's been joining in on the activities of the younger kittens and loving every minute of it!


2)  Champagne Tabby:  He's six weeks of age and adores people and other animals.  He's eating solid food but still needs a little growing time.


3)  Orange Tabby:  His bright orange color matches his stunning personality.  He's a wonderfully adventurous fellow!


4)  Muted Tortoise:  This little girl is already showing her sweet personality.  She just wants to be cuddled and loved!


5) Dark Tortoise:  Right now, she looks black, but we can see tiny speckles of orange starting to come through. 


6)  Grey Tabby with white:  This little guy just wants to curl up on your shoulder and suckle.  He's going to be a really wonderful little guy and who love any attention you want to give!



Handraising kittens and pups can be an arduous but the most rewarding of tasks.  It takes a special person willing to get up at all hours of the night to tend to their every need.  Veterinary fees and spay/neutering will cost nearly $200.00 per pet.  Critical care cases where surgical intervention is needed can cost several thousand dollars.  If you would like to help off-set some of the costs, please consider a small donation.



Purebred Min-Pin needs new home. 

Beautiful 9 month old female Miniature Pincher's people have both been diagnosed with terminal illnesses can no longer take care of her.  She's a very sweet, mellow little black and tan girl who gets along well with other animals and people.  She had been spayed and microchipped.  Her tail and ears are natural, not having been cropped.  There is one extra conditions that will go along with her adoption.

1)  Her tail and ears MUST remain natural. 



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