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Trooper - preparing for his television debut

Everyone asks how little Trooper is doing. Well, his surgery was sucessful although his leg is a bit crooked. Trooper made his choice to stay here with us at the sanctuary where he stays busy all day, mainly getting into mischief and initiating play with the other dogs and cats.

It doesn't matter how good a dog or cat is, it all depends on how they "show" when meeting

potential family members. Those first few mintues decides the pet's fate. Those who are friendly find homes quicker than those who are fearful, or those who express any aggression.

Trooper falls into that final category, barking and growling at anyone he meets. Given time, he'll accept any new companion, but very few people are interested in taking in a potentially aggressive dog. The accident that led Trooper here created more than physical damage, leaving him distrustful of anyone new.

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