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We all hoped that K.C. would recover from a ruptured disc, but we never dreamed she would heal so quickly! Less than a month ago, she was in agony and could only lie on her side. She couldn't even eliminate, we had to express her daily and give enemas when needed. We had to hold her up to eat and drink, something she wanted us to do. Her eyes told us that she wanted to get better.

Having dealt with muscular/skeletal issues before, the best option has been acupunture treatments. She has had four treatments so far and improves after each one! Each week she grows stronger, now able to walk across a room before becoming wobbly. She's actually more work than before because she wants to try jumping on the furniture. She's not ready for that yet. We don't want her to re-injure herself. She also LOVES her daily reiki treatments which seem to help maintain the benefits of acupunture between treatments. As we have seen before, K.C.'s recover is MIRACULOUS. She handles the 100 mile drive for treatment each week like a real trooper. She's off all pain meds. At this rate, she'll be back to her old self quite soon.

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