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Help a Pet

In Crisis

Each of the pets in the pictures seen here were in jeopardy, some thrown away as trash, others needing critical medical care, neglected, abandoned or beaten and left for dead. 


Yet with YOUR help, they ALL survived going on to live happy lives bringing joy and companionship to their new families.  Please help us save more animals and improve the quality of people's lives.


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Our mission at DPRN is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pets in critical situations, assisting rescuers with similar goals and educating to improve the lives of pets and their human companions  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 completely volunteer corporation with every penny going strictly to the rescue, rehabilitation and care of the pets needing our help.  Located in the mountains near Palm Springs, we work throughout Southern California and Network with approved rescues in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest.


In addition to helping abandoned animals left alone to die, we also pull from high-kill shelters, networking with other rescues and groups throughout the country to find safe places for pets slated for euthanasia.  We often pull and transport animals for other rescue groups


We want to help keep animals in their homes by supplying professional behavioral advice at no or low cost to return the household to a happy unit.


We arrange low cost spay and neuter as well as offer transportation

services to be certain pets keep their appointments.


Currently at capacity, we maintain a small sanctuary where unadoptable pets can live out their lives in a home environment


Our continuing care program protects pets whose people have died.  Arrangements must be made in advance to cover the cost of care,

DPRN will make certain the pet will live a long and happy life


Our goal is to open a 40 dog transfer station.  So many more could be saved, if only there was a place to board them.  Open to approved rescuers, this facility would allow an animal to stay for two weeks while a foster or permanent home can be found.




Trooper's surgery is a success!!

This little guy's leg was shattered when a shelter worker fell, holding him tightly trying to protect him.  We were there at the time and were able to prevent the euthanasia.  His toes were also broken and he would require a specially made plate to repair his leg.  It was well worth $3,000 to see this guy happy and bounding around his home.  The leg is a bit crooked, but works perfectly!  Thanks to all who helped this little guy out! 

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K.C. Walks Again!!
Suffering from a ruptured disc, K.C.(Kitty Courageous) could only lie on her side, unable to move in late January. The only thing the vet could do is give her pain medication to keep her comfortable giving her no hope to ever improve.
Otherwise healthy and wanting to survive, we had to help her.
She showed minor improvements from Laser treatments, but as we have seen with similar cases, Acupuncture and Reiki treatments are returning her to full health. Over $2.400 has been spent toward her care.  Please  help give K.C. continue on her healing path! 
Update-- K.C  can walk, climb and is starting to trot and trying to run.  We've even seen her JUMP on a chair!! She's well on her way to a full recovery now only needing acupuncture once every two months, but will need lifelong care!

Help K.C.
Captain Jack

Desert Pearl Rescue Network was named in memory of Captain Jack.  He was one of twenty animals left abandoned at a vet clinic after the vet's license was revoked for malpractice.  The dogs and cats lived in filthy conditions in small kennels, crates and bird cages.  We had three days to find safe places for the animals before they would be seized by animal control.  We are pleased to report that our mission was a success.  Each and every animal found fosters and safe rescues from San Diego to Golden Valley, AZ.


Captain Jack's physical condition was so severe that he came to our sanctuary.  Covered in his own excrement having lived in a 3'x5' kennel, bone thin from having been fed only if someone remembered, he suffered from grand-mal seizures that had been left untreated.


Originally named Dudley (because his owner said he was such a "dud") we felt a name change was appropriate.  Taking the name from Pirates of the Carribbean (Capt. Jack Sparrow and his ship, the Black Pearl), as Capt. Jack healed from his physical and emotional wounds, he became the fun-loving, mischevious personality of his namesake.  His transformation was so astounding that he had started his training to become a pet assisted therapy dog before the final cluster of seizures took his life despite all medical treatment.  Desert Pearl continues to work on his behalf to prevent other animals from having to suffer his fate.

Goodbye Benson



We are deeply saddened to report that our long-time ambassador, Benson left us in June, taken in his fourteenth year by hemangiosarcoma, an extremely aggressive cancer. With an incredible will to survive and both regular and alternative vets to help him, we could not extend his life.  Dogs in Benson's condition are given only a 1-3 months survival rate.  Benson left us two months after surgical tumor removal.


Benson was a very special boy.  Despite his size, everyone who met him found a special attachment develop. 

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Read more about Benson's contributions
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Blind Dog Sees Again!!

Rescued from a high kill shelter just hours before his euthanasia, no one realized the medical issues Barnard would be facing.  Although everyone could see his cloudy lenses, it wasn't until months later when he arrived at his forever home that it was discovered that this two year old Dandy Dinmont could no longer see suffering from severe juvenile cataracts.


Despite the cost and extensive post surgical care involved, his new family opted to help the little dog.  Seen days after the healing process was complete, Barnard's eyes are once again clear and, most importantly, he can see once again.


Barnard has received the greatest gift of all.  Not only can he see, but his path has changed from sadness and fear to glory and happiness.   Our greatest compliments to Barnard's new people for not only giving him his sight back, but a new lease on life as well!!!! 


For more on Barnard's incredible story




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